How to Harvest Rainwater in Your Vegetable Garden

Rainwater harvesting is today’s economic and natural boon. It is a method by which rainwater is collected and stored to water the plants and garden. Based on your garden or farm, it can be done in various ways. Since we’re talking about the vegetable garden, we know that harvesting rainwater for growing vegetables in your garden or backyard saves a lot of the water and makes good sense to have a water tank at home..

Today’s method of rainwater harvesting includes collecting 50 to 60 gallons of water in a barrel and dole out the water to water the plans when needed. However, it is not the most efficient method because even during a 1-inch shower, there is 900 gallons of water, and instead of collecting just 50 gallons, why not receive all 900?

Process of Rainwater collection

Typically, the fresh and clean water that we use for drinking is not suitable for the garden to cultivate your required vegetables. To begin with, the water needs to be extracted from a place, needs to undergo purification, and then they’re pumped into our homes. It is a tedious process in itself as it requires an excessive amount of chemicals to treat this water and a lot of energy. One significant downside of using this water for harvesting crops in our garden is the water lacks in particular chemicals and oxygen. Instead, an alternative way is to meter the collected rainwater.

  • Multiply the area of your garden in meters and average annual rainfall in your locality in ml.
  • Multiply the result with 0.75, to account for the losses due to evaporation
  • Divide by 12 and convert to cubic feet and multiply again by 0.75

Method for collecting rainwater

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The result will generally be a huge number, and this indicates the amount of water you ought to store. The most convenient method is to choose a barrel and a pipe. Do not limit to just one barrel if you have the space to accommodate more than one. If you have a greenhouse or a secure shed guttering, then you can directly channel it to the barrel. Beer Barrels, old bulk containers, metal drums anything works fine to collect the water, as far as they’re called containers.

Usage of collected water

Plants that drink too much water can exhaust it within a matter of days, especially during hot seasons. There are three ways you can overcome the shortage.

–      The first is by installing larger tanks and containers

–      You can adapt the method of dryland gardening techniques

–      Using greywater from sinks, bather and shower to extend the usage.



Rainwater harvesting has no longer remained a “new technology” to manage and cultivate crops. Still, it is a method that is employed by almost everyone who owns a farm or a garden in today’s world. The ways of using these stored waters are getting sophisticated and improving by the days. By following the above-mentioned methods, you can extend your storage to harvest or grower a more extensive range of vegetables in your garden..

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